Internal hydrant network is placed in all residential, commercial, administrative, warehousing and production facilities.

Internal hydrant network does not have to be set:

  1. In residential buildings with less than four stories above ground
  2. In the facilities intended for public baths and wash
  3. In the storage rooms whose walls are resistant to fire for at least 2 h, in which fireproof goods in non-combustible packaging is stored
  4. In shops and rooms dedicated for administrative activities, surface area of ​​150 m2
  5. In the manufacturing facilities of IV and V degree of resistance to fire, with the category of technological process to fire risk K4 and K5 and volume of up to 1000 m3

Internal hydrant network must not be installed in manufacturing plants and storage plants in which the use of water can generate flammable gas and cause an explosion, fire and spreading of fire.

The employee of Tesla systems on an installation of a hydrant cabinet

Complete "Regulations on technical standards for internal and external hydrant system for fire extinguishing" in Serbian can be downloaded from the following link.

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