Addressable System ESSER

Addressable System Protec

Early Detection System


Automatic fire alarm systems have the task of early detecting the fire, by detecting some of its basic manifestations (smoke, temperature rise, light the flame, ...).

When we have information about the fire in its early stages of development can timely perform firefighting actions and evacuation of the building. In this way we protect the building and the people in them.

Design and construction of fire protection systems on the basis of the legislation should be done by licensed professionals.

Tesla systems have the technical and financial capacity to carry out the most complex and largest facilities in Serbia, and the appropriate licence issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.

Besides the large number of references and the capacity for the execution of works Tesla systems have cooperation with leading European manufacturers of equipment Esser (Germany) and Protec (England).

Esser who operates in the Honeywell Group covers 50% of the German market, while Protec covers over 75% of the English market of automatic fire detection systems. Both manufacturers have a very high quality equipment and certificates of compliance with the European standards EN-54th.

By having import prices and trained staff for installation and commissioning of automatic fire alarm systems, systems Tesla investors offer quality service at reasonable prices.

Delta City, Belgrade

Ušće, Belgrade

"Modital" factory, Brus

"Metalka-Majur" factory, Jagodina

"Vlasinka" factory, Surdulica

VMA, Belgrade
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