FACP 8008



The compact microprocessor-controlled panel with its own back-up power and capacity of max. 40 analogue addressable loops. In one analog loop – esserbus® it can be networked up to 127 devices, each of which can be configured individually in the the detection zone, with a total cable length of up to two kilometers. Esserbus® is a two-wired line with power supply and control at both ends in the the ring topology. If it is necessary to network addressable sirens in the loop it requires a special kind of addressable loop – esserbus®plus. Fire panel automatically registers the wiring of the analog loop and determines the logical addresses of the individual network devices. In particular, setting up addresses of individual network devices thus becomes unnecessary. Information on the state of the system, and alarm condition will be displayed and indicated on the control panel, with sound and text on the LCD size 4x40.

All system cables are permanently monitored. In case of interruption of the cable, earth-circuit or short-circuit loop, information is gained about a problem on the exchange, but the loop detectors remain operational. In the case of two interruptions on the loop only the call points between the two stops fall out of function.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Power supply 230V AC, 50Hz
  • Operating voltage 12 V DC
  • Operating current 400 mA
  • Max. current to power the external consumers 2.9 A
  • Capacity max. 40 analog loop with max. 127 detectors
  • Operating temperature -5 C to 45 C
  • Backup supply 12V DC max. 2 x 40 Ah
  • Housing made from steel plates, glass-plastic
  • Protection class / degree of protection DIN EN 60950/IP 30
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 486mm x 643mm x 283 mm


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