Opto-thermal Fire Detector 802374 with base 801590



O²T 802374Esser is an thermomaximal fire detector, from the series of IQ8quad. The detector is used to detect different types of fires from those that produce large amounts of smoke to those with open flames with the development of the high temperatures that can be changed quickly or slowly. It is extremely resistant to false alarms due to the combination of fire detection technology. They are suitable for areas where in the normal operation other smoke or aerosols appear (that respond to smoke detectors), but with the fire in which extremely high temperatures develop it will execute the alarm.

Series of analog process detectors features:
-         Decentralized intelligence
-         The function of self-control
-         Automatic adjustment of conditions in space
-         Store the alarm information and operating data
-         Automatic addressing
Activation of the detector is expressed by activating LEDs on the the detector.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Area of monitoring max. 110m ²
  • Mounting height max. 12 m
  • Working voltage 8V DC - 42V DC
  • Current at the operating voltage 60 μA at 19V DC
  • Current in alarm 18mA
  • Operating temperature -20 C to +65 C
  • Degree of protection IP 42


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