The main task of protecting the building from a fire is to detect the fire as soon as possible and provide the quickest access to its extinguishing. The less time from the start of a fire to the moment it is put out the smaller the damages caused by a fire are.

If you do not have an automatic fire alarm system, a fire development is shown in the following chart:

With automatic fire detection system damages caused by a fire are much smaller which can be seen in the following graph:

Although we have an automatic fire alarm system, some time has passed from the start of a fire to the moment it is put out and a small fire damage, we can not avoid.

There is equipment or production processes in which even a smaller fire damage can have disastrous consequences. Classic examples are server rooms where the loss of the hard disk for data storage can have huge financial implications worth millions (Server room of the tax administration in Obilićev venac in Belgrade).

Can we detect the fire before it occurs? Yes we can!

It is this chapter that describes the systems for early fire detection. From experience we know that this system previously always reported the occurrence of a fire from the smell receptors in the human nose who smell burning.

We present the world's leading system for early detection of fires from manufacturers Protec (England).

Đerdap II Hydroelectric Power Plant (additional power plant)

Expensive equipment and a lot more expensive emergency outages

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