Necessary  lighting is defined according to the European standard EN 1838. Also, our law defines the necessary lighting as a mandatory part of every facility.

Tesla systems provide complete engineering: from design, through installation of the system to securing the complete papers to the fire police.

To facilitate end-user understanding of terminology related for the necessary lighting, we will explain it in the briefest form.



Security lighting is part of the necessary lighting that enables the safe exit out of an area or facility or allows safe completion of a working operation.

Auxiliary lighting is part of the necessary lightning that in case of a general power serves continuing of the initiated activities. Part of the lighting automatically switches to backup power supply.

Security lighting for escape routes, enables the identification tags that lead to the exit from the building, which is affected.


Security lighting for the prevention of panic (Anti panic lighting) allows people the arrival to the site from which the escape routes are uniquely recognized.

Security lighting for work places with increased risk serves to provide safety shutdown of the machinery and equipment and to thereby protect the safety of employees or other persons who are in the area.



The section on light sources for safety lighting, marking of evacuation routes and exits and what must be illuminated with the safety lighting we left to explain in the designers guide.

European Standards EN 1838, EN 50171 and EN 50172 are related to the necessary lighting.


The employee of Tesla systems on an emergency lighting installation

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